Book Review | Craig DiLouie | Suffer The Children

SUFFER THE CHILDREN [2014] Craig DiLouie

STC_01It begins on an ordinary day: children around the world are dying. All children, everywhere- a global crisis beyond any parent’s worst nightmare. Then, a miracle beyond imagining three days later, they return.

Shattered mothers and fathers see their sons and daughters happy and whole once more, playing and laughing as before-but only when they feed.

They hunger for blood

How far would you go to keep someone you love alive?


Creepy, Eerie, Disturbing!

I have this novel for awhile now, but never found the time to read it. Always something else to do or to read. But then I made a challenge for 2018 to read more, and added this to the list. So, this the second one I read this year. What was I thinking not to read this straight away when I bought it, I mean what is more creepy, next to clowns and dolls, than children who are turned.




It was fascinating, the pages flew by. Every page ticking. From the build up to the Herod Event till The Resurrection, and further with a unexpected end. Every time asking the question “What would you do?”.


We follow:
Joan, a housewife with two children Megan and Nate.
Ramona, a single working mom, one son Josh.
David, a doctor, who lost his son Paul in an accident.
Doug, Joan‘s husband, Megan and Nate‘s father.

We also see it sometimes from the children’s perspective, but basically it’s shifting between these people. Their emotions, their love. You get to know them and sympatise with them, and then tragedy comes…


A powerful, brutal, and an eerily disturbing journey. I recommend this book to all that loves this kind of macabre. If you are a parent, maybe it’s not for you. The story will leave you affected.


Happy Wicked Reading!!!
~Corina Freekina



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